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Have you ever used widgets from the factory, to build a craftable? Tons of great items have been added to the craftable building selections over the months, including crafting couches, cat plushes, clocks, tiki bars, totem poles, and even a fashion hat display! Head to the factory today to collect some widgets from your friends, to build some great items that would look great in any room! A list of all the craftables that have been added in YoVille have been listed below for reference purposes.



Craftables List:

King Of Hearts Statue, Jester Cat Plush, Enchanted Pegasus Statue, Centaur Statue, Sewing Machine, Scooter, Antique Bike, Modern Bike, Record Player, Summer Serving Table, Moroccan Chair, Romantic Sofa, Cottage Windmill, Haunted Spike Bed, Crafting Couch, Turkey Bean Bag, Winter Throne, Nightclub Couch, Nightclub Speaker Chair, Italian Ornate Couch, Pairs Glass Pyramid, Paris Floor Clock, Mardi Gras Couch, Japanese Bird House, Japanese Taiko Drum, Exotic Ping Pong Table, St Pats Harp, Hawaiian Palm Tree, Hawaiian Boat Chair With Lamp, Hawaiian Tiki Bar, Hawaiian Tiki Bar Stool, Hawaiian Toasting Glass Right, Hawaiian Toasting Glass Left, Vegas Glam Pillar, Vegas Magic Lamp, Legends Entrance Arch, Legends Statue, Legends Fire Place, Rainforest Forest Gnome, Rainforest Bird Bath, Rainforest Squirrel Table, Patriotic White House, Space UFO Light Decor, Spellbound Wall Tapestry, Halloween Treats Cauldrons, Spanish Candelabra, Spanish Barrel, Disco Tape Recorder, Disco Guitar Decor, Disco Gramophone, Wild West Totem Pole, Wild West Wall Decor, Southern Decorative Vase, Carnival Tree Lights, Heroes Street Lamp, Yorient Express Train Set, Yorient Express Train Cake, Yorient Express Polished Woodeen Drawers, Animal Reserve Tribal Shield, Animal Reserve Bow and Arrows, San Francisco Hippie Guitar, Animal Reserve Radio Gear, Pixies Borough Pixie Shoes, Pixies Borough Pumpkin Pot, United Kingdom Vacuum Cleaner, Monaco Teddy, Medieval Fantasy Crossbow,

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