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Factory / Level up Rewards

New players rewards:



Level 1-50 untradeable / ungiftable rewards:

Remarks: Players are also rewards 30 of actions to reached 3-49 level, actions are available in the chat bar.

P.S.: The Magical Herb is picking from Magical Herb Garden every 6 hours use for Magical Herb Goblin Costumes, Costume is depending if you are a female or a male and the Magical Herb is the tradeable / giftable item.



Level 50-150 rewards:

Remarks: Diamond Box is a untradeable / ungiftable item.



Level 150-200 rewards:

Remarks: Platinum Box is a untradeable / ungiftable item.



Factory rewards:



Dream Job rewards:



Job title untradeable / ungiftable rewards:

Remarks: CEO costumes are the tradeable / giftable items.


Housewarming Basket, Mood Lamp, Guest Bathroom, Party Lamp, Bronze Medal, Hall of friends, Budding Tree, Flowering Cherrytree, Master Bathroom, Mystery Bookshelf, Gold Medal, Secret Library, Guest Bedroom, Purple Medal, Basic Herb Garden, Herb Garden, Balcony, Rainbow Medal, Wood and Black Chair, Wood and Gray Chair, Wood and Red Chair, Candy Machine, Mystery Package, Cotton Candy Machine, Fortune Teller, Luxury Shoes Rack, Prize Claw, Animated Marquee Sign, Animated Paparazzi Red Carpet, Diamond Box, Circle Dance Floor, Beach Lounge Chair, Sand Castle, Beach Kit, Incense, Yoga Mat, Bon Fire, Platinum Box, Wood and Black Chair, Wood and Gray Chair, Wood and Red Chair, Mystery Package, Disco Ball, Dog Statue, Marble Fireplace, Cat Litter Box, Dog Bed, Flashlight, Magnifying Glass, Tape Recorder, Binoculars, Cat Scratching Post, Detective Plaque, DJ Booth, Violin, DJ Turntable, Karaoke Machine, Ghost Detector Suitcase, Spirit Board, Cat Painting, Raccoon Toy, Ghost Toy, Lighting Ball, Supervisor, Engineer, Line Manager, Factory Manager, President, Senior V.P., Managing V.P., Vice President, CEO,

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