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Freebies Homepage

Check it out! We’ve got a list of all the freebies ever released in YoVille, right here! The list of freebies dates back to 2009. Any freebie you see have a SEND banner over it, means you can currently send the item in YoVille.

Click the picture and you will be redirected to its send link to send some to your friends! Like this list? Like and share it with your friends!


Please note: YoVille have blocked all of Available Freebies links by sending (without id code)now, if the freebies you see where have a SEND banner over it, please following below method to make your own links for try to sending it! 

step 1.) open your Chorme browser(for Chorme browser only)

step 2.) go to YoVille game free gift page

step 3.) clicking on any free gift

step 4.) move your mouse to the button of [Send Gift Request], right click your mouse, select on check out elements and clicking on

step 5.) find out where a link similar look like this

step 6.) copy it and change the gift code (***where 37520) to sending it

 ***right click your mouse on 2012 freebie image to get the gift code in this page***




2012 Freebies:



2011 Freebies:



2010 Freebies:



2009 Freebies:

Mystery Gift, Blue Rose Bouquet, Purple Rose Bouquet, House Warming Bouquet, Premium Flower Arrangement, Hot Dog , Vinny’s Meal , Tall Latte, Egg Rolls, Kitchen Toaster, Kitchen Knives, Zynga Shirt, Wind Up Penguin, Black Chair with Ottoman, POP Sneakers, Light Destroyed Skinnies, Jack-In-The-Box, Spherical Red Chair, Toy Robot, Barrel Costume, Toy Monkey, Birthday Cake, Sunflower Pinwheel, Treasure Chest, Tesla Ball, Fried Clams, Sky Drink, Magnum of Cider, Cactus, Scented Candles, Blender, Juicer, Oil Lamp, Hurricane Lamp, Police Coffee Maker, Mafia Coffee Maker, Large Bottle of Cider, Newtons Cradle, Joystick Candle, Joystick Candle, Wind Chimes, Treble Clef Lamp, Tropical Fruit Basket, Cheese Plate, Yo Mug, Tea Kettle, Magenta Orchid, Tiger Orchids, Halloween Basket, Umbrella, Floor Fan , Skull and Candle, Blood Orange Punch, Halloween Bucket, Candy Apple, Flying Saucer Model, Orange Soda, YoVille Wall Poster, 50s record player, 50s Coat Rack, Hula Lamp, Rocking Horse, Stage Coach Cookie Jar, Firewood Holder, Fireplace Tools, Autumn Candle, Slice of Pecan Pie, Holiday Hot Cocoa, Chocolate Yule Log, Holiday Wrapping Ribbons, Holiday Striped Candle, Christmas 09 Gift Basket, Deluxe Gift Basket, Holiday Mixed Gift Basket, Crock Pot, Antique Doll, Doll House, Blue Holiday Card, Green Holiday Card, Holiday Poinsettia, Christmas Tree Mug with Hot Chocolate, Holiday 2009 Hand Bells, Red Star Bow, Winter Scene Painting, Melting Snowman, Elegant Cider Glass, Blue Surfboard, Red Surfboard, Delicious Mango, Delicious Watermelon, Tropical Smoothie, Mango Lassi, Tasty Coconut Drink, Pineapple Drink, Sliced Starfruit, Beach Blue Coral Pillow, Beach Green Coral Pillow, Orange Coral Pillow, Seashell Candles, Cowboy Fish Surfboard, Beach Shell Streamer, Yellow Beach Vase, Free Mystery Gift, Cleaning Service, Anti Cupid Streamer, Cupid Streamer, Anti Valentines Candles, Valentines Red Candles, Chocolate Hearts, Love Cookie, Sprinkle Heart Cookie, Sugar Heart Cookie, Zynga Sculpture, Chinese Potstickers, Lunar New Year Cake, Red Mystery Envelope, Red Tube Lantern, Steamed Dumplings, Sticky Rice, Bee Cookie, Butterfly Cookie, Caterpillar Cookie, Lady Bug Cookie, Red Bow Cake, Redberry Cake, Pink Checker Cake, Whimsical Cake, Green Chest, Blue Chest, Red Chest, Enchanted Orchid Streamer, Enchanted Vine Streamer, Enchanted Orchid, Enchanted Centerpiece Tree, Enchanted Crystal, Enchanted Mystery Box, Silver Mystery Gift, Mystery Egg, China Bowl, China Plate, China Teacup, Collections Mystery Box, Art Deco Plate, Art Deco Tea cup, Art Deco Sugar Holder, Marble Sidewalk Tile, Summer Bouquet, Moroccan Mystery Gift, Sun Plushie, Mystery Camp Cooler, Mystery Cooler Red, Mystery Cooler Green, Red Mystery Box, Romantic Mystery Box, Cottage Mystery Box, Cottage Mystery Blue Box, Haunted Mystery Box, Haunted Mystery Chest, Special Delivery Box, Fog Jack O Lantern, Haunted Candy Corn Lamp, Orange Pumpkin Chair, White Pumpkin Chair, Fall Mystery Box, Fall Lamp, Orange Fall Vase, Fall Flowers, Yellow Fall Mystery Box, Fall Squirrel Plush, Winter Mystery Box, Winter Holiday Wreath 2010, Winter Holiday Wreath 2010, Mistletoe 2010, Teal Winter Holiday Box, Nightclub Glow Floor, Night Club Mystery Box, Club Drink, Free Italian Black Rug, Free Italian Red Rug, Italian Mystery Box, Italian Table Clock, Valentine Mystery Day, Paris French Crepes, Paris Throw Pillows, Paris Mystery Box, Mardi Gras Flower, Japanese Bowl, Japanese Scroll Paint, Japanese Gong, Mardi Gras Gold Lights, Mardi Gras Green Lights, Mardi Gras Purple Lights, Round Bush, St. Pats Mystery Box, St. Pats Balloons, Japanese Bonsai Shelf, Balanced Rock, Japanese Doll, Japanese Origami, Japanese Reversi Gameboard, Japanese Mystery Box III, Japanese Umbrella, Japanese Wood Toy, Special Gift Pack, Hawaiian Coco Drink, Hawaiian Small Palm Tree, Hawaiian Mystery Box II, Wall Lights, Tasty Coconu Drink, Mystery Gift Bag, Fruit Basket, Easter Mystery Egg, Easter Chicks In A Basket, Easter Bunch Of Candies, Hawaiian Heart Balloons, Hawaiian Candles, Vegas Multicolor Light, Vegas Guitar, Vegas Mystery Box II, Casino Cake, Balloon Arch, Vegas Mystery Pack, Casino Arch, Dollar Bill Pillow, Legends Armour Set, Legends Plant, Legends Mirror, Memorial Day Streamer, Memorial Day Mystery Box, Legends Mystery Box III, Legends Painting, Legends Wall Plant , Legends Wall Art, Rainforest Orchids Decor, Rainforest Gecko Wall Decor, Rainforest Fern, Rainforest Flower, Rainforest Mystery Box III, Rainforest Plate Decor, Patriotic Throw Pillows, Patriotic Mystery Box, Space Table Decor, Space Wall Light, Space Books Decor, Space Mystery Box III, Underwater Anemone, Underwater Decor, Underwater Pearl, Underwater Purple Coral Decor, Underwater Mystery Box III, Underwater Seaweed Decor, Limited Free Gift II, NYC Clock, NYC Wall Lamp, NYC Buddy Bottle, NYC Water Painting, YMA Lights, YMA Speaker, NYC Mystery Box III, High School Mystery Box, High School Alarm Clock, High School Helmet Decor, Fashion Clock, Fashion Mirror, Fashion Jewelry Stand, Fashion Photography Light, Fashion Mystery Box III, Fashion Cut-Out, Fashion Cutout, Spellbound Book Decor, Spellbound Potion, Spellbound Blackboard, Spellbound Witch Wall Decor, Crazy Captions(A-I), Crazy Captions(J-R), Crazy Captions(S-Z), Crazy Captions(A-Z), Spellbound Mystery Box III, Spellbound Candle Stand, Spellbound Magic Globe, Spanish Table Lamp, Spanish Side Table, Spanish Mystery Box III, Spanish Wall Clock, Spanish Flower Vase, Disco Coffee Tray, Disco Small Star, Halloween Swimming Ring, Halloween Interactive Lampshade, Disco Divas Cutout, Disco Steamer, Disco Music Player, Disco Drum, Disco Mystery Box III, Nutcracker Plant, Nutcracker Post Box, Nutcracker Mystery Box, Christmas Mystery Box I, Christmas 2nd Day Turtle, Christmas 10th Day Lord a-leaping, Christmas 9th Day Lady, Christmas 12th Day Drummer, Christmas 3rd Day French Han, Christmas 5th Day Golden Ring, Christmas 6th Day Goose a-laying, Christmas 11th Day Piper, Christmas 7th Day Swan a-swimming, Christmas 4th Day Calling Bird, New Year Mystery Box I, Wild West Wall Decor, Wild West Cedar Flutes, Wild West Wall Clock, Wild West Mystery Box III, Wild West Bullets Belt, Wild West Village Drum, Southern Romance Mystery Box, Southern Set Of Plate, Southern Wall Painting, City Of Love Wall Sconce, City Of Love Bust, City Of Love Mystery Box 2, City Of Love Blonde Pin-up, City Of Love Brunette Pin-up, V-Day Tee, Anti V-Day Tee, Carnival Feather Candle, Carnival Feather Spectacles, Carnival Mystery Box I, Miami Neon Palm Light, Miami Rowing Paddle, Miami Mounted Fish, Miami Wild Flowers, Miami Beach Flip Flops, Miami Funky Vase, Miami Mystery Box III, Heroes Fireman Helmet, Heroes Yo Fire Sign, Heroes Doctor Coat, Heroes Nurse Hat, Heroes Mystery Box III, Yorient Express Ticket Punch, Yorient Express Train Balloon, Yorient Express Corner Cabinet, Yorient Express Stained Pillow, Yorient Express Mystery Box II, Animal Reserve Mystery Box 1, Animal Reserve Safari Map, Animal Reserve Tribal Painting, Animal Reserve Mystery Box II, Animal Reserve Zebra Scroll, Animal Reserve Tribal Drum, San Francisco Mystery Box, 7San Francisco Sailor Hat, San Francisco Towels, Animal Reserve Mystery Box III, Animal Reserve Knife Holder, Animal Reserve Tripod Camera, Pixies Borough Mystery Box I, ixies Borough Leaf Bass, Pixies Borough Spare Wings, Pixies Borough Mystery Box II, Pixies Borough Grass Laces, Pixies Borough Leaf Rack, Pixies Borough Mystery Box III, Pixies Borough Butterfly Wings, Pixies Borough Flowers, United Kingdom Mystery Box, United Kingdom City View, United Kingdom Ice Cream Cup, United Kingdom Mystery Box II, United Kingdom Coaster, United Kingdom Poster, United Kingdom Mystery Box III, United Kingdom Bulldog Poster, United Kingdom Roast, Monaco Mystery Box I, Monaco Bumper Sticker, Monaco Eclaire, Monaco Mystery Box III, Monaco Flag Napkin, Monaco Poster, Medieval Fantasy Mystery Box I, Medieval Fantasy Candle Stand, Medieval Fantasy Mortar And Pestle,

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