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3rd Parties Purchase Redeem

American Express Points Redeem:

Zynga and American Express team up for virtual Membership Rewards, the games included in the deal are FarmVille, FrontierVille, PetVille, YoVille, Treasure Isle and Café World with items available for FarmVille, Cafe World and YoVille immediately.



7-Eleven Purchase Redeem:

7-Eleven, Inc. is partnering with Zynga to offer FarmVille-, Mafia Wars- and YoVille-branded items on many of the convenience retailer’s products, including signatureSlurpee® and Big Gulp® drinks in nearly 7,000 stores across the United States and Canada.

Hot Dog Stand, Freezer Case, Coffee Machine, Candy Stand, Hamburger Stand, Nacho Stand, Donut Stand, Slurpee Machine, Soda Machine, Robot Boy That Animated, Robot Girl That Animated, European Roadster, Import Race Car, Street Bike, Chopper,

Game Card Redeem

Game Card redeem:



Game Card / eCard redeem:



Zynga Game Card redeem from

Remarks: Fashion Inset Display and Fashion Clutch Purse Wall are released at store on 2011 / 09, but Game Card Promotion is on 2011 / 10

New Years 2010 Snowglobe, Smiley Firework, Yo Happy Boy Statue, Yo Victorious Girl Statue, Yo Guitar Player Statue, Yo Paper Boy Statue, YoVille Game Console, Best Buy Computer, Best Buy Desk Black, Best Buy Led TV, Best Buy Speakers, Fashion Red Carpet Dress Mannequin, Holiday Mystery Box, Fashion Aquarium, Fashion Crystal Room Divider, Fashion Inset Display, Fashion Clutch Purse Wall, Disco Vending Machine, Disco Graffiti Bike, Holiday Mystery Box, Nutcracker Animated Music Box Ballerina, Nutcracker Ice Swan Arch, Nutcracker Animated Gingerbread Soldier, City of Love Booth Seat, Miami Car Display, Yorient Smoking Gun, Charging Elephant,

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