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We are always seeing events everyday with [NO NOOB] or [RICH SALE] in the description/or title of events. “Being rich” is the power to push the YoVillians to make money. Most of us are dropping by to do a coin run, earning coins and cash, or working every 5 hours at the Widget Factory. In the majority of cases, we accept a pay (wage) which we know is insufficient to meet our expenses. We learn to save for the items by waiting for a raise in the Factory and working hard to make a trade, thinking that more money will solve our demand in YoVille. Some YoVillians may even quit trying to earn money, and take the wrong path and begin hacking and scamming for money, thinking that it’s a much easier method. Do you ponder who is the really NOOB in YoVille, and what the meaning of YORICH really is?

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YoVille Online is no longer a functioning entity.