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CONTEST: YoVilleOnline Facebook FanPage (6M YoCoins)giving away

We’re getting it big with our fans, with an EXCLUSIVE 10-day contest, where we’ll be giving away over 6 million coins to our fans! You don’t want to miss out on this. In honor of the 100th Centennial Calgary Stampede, we’ll be giving away 500K every day (to one fan in a specific fixed contest) for 10 days! (July 6 – 15).

Keep your eyes peeled, because the first of the ten contests is TONIGHT!Oh……yeah! Like and share to let your friends know immediately! 

NOTE: Admins will be choosing a fan who displays their willingness to participate in the daily contests, and are friendly to fans and the admins – and we’ll be awarding them with ONE MILLION COINS!! That is amazing! ♥ Don’t miss out on this chance to win BIG.

[Closed] YoVille Online is HIRING!


YoVille Online is hiring!
We are looking for someone to fill in the following position:

CONTEST ADMIN on FB FAN PAGE (56,000+ fans)

If you are looking to apply for this position, please make sure you:
- Have fluent English skills & capability
- Are energetic, and willing to be active with fans (and answer questions)
- This is a voluntary job, but you may receive special incentives/perks
Click Read More to know details.

GREETINGS: Celebrating 3 years old!

Yup, YVO is 3 years old today! we’ve been running strong for the past 3 years ♥ since February 20, 2009, and we thank our success to all of our dedicated fans! We’ve kept our promise since day 1, to update our fans with news articles, provide you all with tips, tricks, and strategies to work through the game, and much much more!

We owe it all to you, thanks again everyone!
Stay tuned ALL week as we’ll be celebrating our anniversary with contests and parties. You DON’T want to miss out on some great opportunities this week!

Grand Re-Opening of our website!

  Welcome to the grand re-opening of our website! We recently took down our website to give it an entirely new makeover, with new features to provide the convenience needed for our fans and staff members. We’re back and better than ever – with new ways for our fans to participate & connect with each other, opportunities for our fans to share their feedback, thoughts, and experiences in YoVille on our website, and some special surprises coming really soon!

Check out the rest of our website as we’ve made it even easier for our fans to navigate through – with categories for photo sharing, news updates, information, contests, support, suggestions, and much more. You’ll love the new look! Tell us what you think in the comments below, and make sure you like & share this post!

YoVille Online is no longer a functioning entity.