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Zynga and Other Game News: Zynga’s The Ville Lets You Live it Up with Your Friends in the Home of your Dreams

Live the life you always wanted in The Ville! Build your dream home, choose your own career, host parties for groups of friends, and even find romance! It’s all about you and the choices you want to make. You can have it all in The Ville!

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facebook News: Facebook ‘may soon allow’ under 13 to join the site

Should Facebook give access to kids under the age of 13? Facebook may soon allow children younger than 13 years old to access the site under parental supervision, reports say.

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facebook News: Facebook users vote on privacy policy changes

Facebook on Friday began letting its more than 900 million members VOTE whether they approve of privacy policy changes introduced last month before the social network’s stock market debut. The polls opened at a “Facebook Site Governance Vote” page at the social network and will close June 8 at 900 am (1600 GMT). The vote will be considered binding if more than 30 percent of Facebook’s active members take part, communications vice president Elliot Schrage said in a blog post. Facebook held its first privacy policy vote in 2009, when the social network was a privately held startup with about 200 million members. The company has since grown to nearly a billion users, moved to the former Sun Microsystems campus in the city of Menlo Park, and raised billions of dollars by going public with an initial public offering of stock in May. “Today we are posting the proposed revised versions of both documents and asking you to join our second global site governance vote,” Schrage said. We strongly encourage you to participate.” Those interested in voting were directed to

Zynga & facebook News: Mark Pincus on Zynga’s Symbiotic Relationship With Facebook

Zynga’s road to succes owes much to Facebook — the social giant has been by far the largest driver of traffic to Zynga’s gaming platform. And as Zynga CEO Mark Pincus noted at our D: All Things Digital conference, Facebook remains the platform of choice in driving traffic.

“We grew the fastest with Facebook,” Pincus said. “And as we saw their platform becoming better and better. … We kept doubling down.”

So over the course of Zynga’s evolution from start-up to publicly traded company, Pincus says his company grew more and more reliant on Facebook,

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facebook news: facebook goes public today

Happy FB day! Facebook stock goes on sale at US today.

One hundred eight days after it first filed to go public and more than eight years after a nerdy 19-year Harvard sophomore invented it in his dorm room, Facebook shares will start trading today in the largest tech IPO in history.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network giant — which last night raised $16 billion — is giving the country Facebook Fever.

The company, trading under the symbol “FB” on the Nasdaq exchange, could

Zynga/Other Games News: Zombie Swipeout – Providing more than one way to skin a zombie

It’s fair to say my brother and I haven’t followed a normal path to making games (if there is any). I have a PhD in Bioinformatics and have spent most of my academic career studying molecular biology and computer science. As of about four years ago, I was probably the furthest you could be from making a game. I was studying single-celled organisms called Archaea, which are mostly known for their ability to thrive in extreme environments like acidic lakes or hyperthermal vents on the bottom of the ocean. My younger brother Thomas was still working on his PhD in the same field. We tend to like the same stuff, and the same went for video games when

facebook/Other Game: Crowdstar moves further from Facebook, partners with Tencent and Gamevil for expansion into China and Korea

It Girl developer CrowdStar is bringing its games to China and Korea’s mobile markets, courtesy of new partnerships with Tencent and Gamevil.

Chinese games portal Tencent will release localized versions of Top Girl and Happy Peeps: Tower Town for iOS devices, while Gamevil will localize and distribute Top Girl Android to South Korea. Penetrating these markets can be difficult feat for social developers, particularly because Facebook isn’t  legal in China and doesn’t have much penetration in South Korea. CrowdStar tells us the games will launch in China and South Korea sometime this summer.

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facebook News: Facebook’s Zuckerberg kicks off investor show in NY

Facebook Inc CEO Mark Zuckerberg fielded questions about the No. 1 social network’s slowing revenue growth and its $1 billion purchase of Instagram as he kicked off a cross-country roadshow to promote the company’s $10 billion initial public offering.

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Other Games News: The Sims Social Launches Open Beta on Tencent Open Platform in China

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) today announced the launch of The Sims Social™ open beta on Tencent open platform Qzone in China. Players in China are invited to log on to Tencent Qzone to test the game and discover the innovative gameplay experience of The Sims. The Chinese name of the game is Mo Ni Shi Guang “Simulation Time”.
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Facebook Fun: Get FREE Facebook Layouts

PageRage’s Create Your Own Layout tool, allows you to create CUSTOM FACEBOOK LAYOUTS that reflect your true personality and style. Simply use the toolboxes below, and watch your creative ideas become reality!

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