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Tips & Tricks: PLEASE to sharing us which boxes still go for YoCash?

The War of the decorative on YoVille now that because the Yellow Fall Mystery Box have been removed. Our staff just got $12 YoCash in Platinum Box from up at level 197 today.

Don’t forget hit “Like” button to get your friend know too, and PLEASE to sharing us which boxes still go for YoCash?

Sale/Glitches: Old Discontinued Items Purchases Glitches

We have heard our staff and some fans say they had some luck and bought Old Discontinued Items from Game Store and form glitches, but the glitch has been fixed and is under maintenance now.

So was you one of the lucky ones to buy from the glitch if you was then post what you had bought in comment box.

Facebook Fun: Get FREE Facebook Layouts

PageRage’s Create Your Own Layout tool, allows you to create CUSTOM FACEBOOK LAYOUTS that reflect your true personality and style. Simply use the toolboxes below, and watch your creative ideas become reality!

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New Released/Mistake: New Miami Re-sized One Eye Hat is now in Stores

Yoville has fixed the Miami contest winner hat size and released the new “Miami Re-sized One Eye Hat” in Clothing Store.

Glitches/Issue: Avenue Fix – Custom House Names

YoVille Ruby Ninja announced today that custom house names will now show in your Avenues.


Thanks for YoVille Team caring us with an high efficiency!

Welcome to leave your comments, feedback or idea at our YoVille Suggestions link:

Glitches/Suggestions: Suggestions for giving bonus to compensate our loss in hotdogs glitches and celebrate in this St. Patrick’s week!

We don’t want to miss out any chance to earn in YoVille! So that the

‧    Events display damage

‧    Hotdogs showing issue and news feed glitch

really make some fans to suffer a loss, and we all know YoVille how care to all YoVillians; hope listen to us again to give some rewards like Double XP and Coins, including Daily Login Bonus or Gold Mystery Box to compensate our loss and celebrate in this St. Patrick’s week!

Make sure to hit “Like” and “Share” with friends and give us your feedback if you are excited about this suggestions.

Glitches/Security: Problems loading YoVille

If you’re having difficulty launching YoVille at the moment, you’re not alone.  Many players are seeing something like this when they try to launch the game.

Click Read More to know how to fix it.

Twitter News/Security: Twitter stores full iPhone contact list for 18 months, after scan

Twitter Inc. has acknowledged that after mobile users tap the “Find friends” feature on its smartphone app, the company downloads users’ entire address book, including email addresses and phone numbers, and keeps the data on its servers for 18 months. The company also said it plans to update its apps to clarify that user contacts are being transmitted and stored.

The company’s current privacy policy does not explicitly disclose that

SCAM ALERTS: Similar Items List

Check out this table with all the latest similar item scams to keep you aware and safe! Dont’t forget to Bookmark this page and click share to warn your friends!




* Don’t trust the sellers saying they have a system that allow trade the YoCash for YoCoins
* Don’t trust the sellers saying the items cannot to tradable and asking for pay coins 1st will send gift back
* Be careful when the sellers tell the items are unreleased items “is it true or not?”
* Keep update the recent decorative freebies/rewards where released lots items look like the wearable items. 
* Keep always checking out the stores or the YoMag section in game, there have lots discontinued items came back.



Fraud Case News & Update:

Ninjas have informed us that the Low Bed and Modern Bed have been returned to stores! Don’t be scammed and purchase them for outrageous prices, go and get them now for 500c each.



Scam Alerts List:


Sale/Glitches: Beauty vs Geek Furniture Items 30%off and Store Closes in 1 day

Rush to Stores now and make the most of the 30% discount on Beauty vs Geek Furniture Items. Make sure to grab all your favorite items from this themes before they leave Stores. Hurry Shop Now!


YoVille Online is no longer a functioning entity.