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SCAM ALERTS: Similar Items List

Check out this table with all the latest similar item scams to keep you aware and safe! Dont’t forget to Bookmark this page and click share to warn your friends!




* Don’t trust the sellers saying they have a system that allow trade the YoCash for YoCoins
* Don’t trust the sellers saying the items cannot to tradable and asking for pay coins 1st will send gift back
* Be careful when the sellers tell the items are unreleased items “is it true or not?”
* Keep update the recent decorative freebies/rewards where released lots items look like the wearable items. 
* Keep always checking out the stores or the YoMag section in game, there have lots discontinued items came back.



Fraud Case News & Update:

Ninjas have informed us that the Low Bed and Modern Bed have been returned to stores! Don’t be scammed and purchase them for outrageous prices, go and get them now for 500c each.



Scam Alerts List:


YoVille Online is no longer a functioning entity.