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Glitches/Suggestions: Suggestions for giving bonus to compensate our loss in hotdogs glitches and celebrate in this St. Patrick’s week!

We don’t want to miss out any chance to earn in YoVille! So that the

‧    Events display damage

‧    Hotdogs showing issue and news feed glitch

really make some fans to suffer a loss, and we all know YoVille how care to all YoVillians; hope listen to us again to give some rewards like Double XP and Coins, including Daily Login Bonus or Gold Mystery Box to compensate our loss and celebrate in this St. Patrick’s week!

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Suggestions: Summary for YoVille Suggestions

Time for Suggestion to YoVille! Is YoVille your Favorite game? If yes, let’s all cooperate to build up our dream city with YoVille Team immediately; You may comment on and rate any Feedback, Questions, Suggestions, including the game fun idea, or leave any of your Yo-ideas at comments box, we will put up all of YoVillians’ offer in below list to let YoVille Team easy to check out here and know more how are we care of our favorite ville!

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Generators Fun: Fake Airline Ticket Generator

This is my air ticket for celebrate Chinese New Year from my country go to YoVille, but I became sad and began to cry when i have arrived there that they skipping all of the Chinese New Years stuff; I can’t get any lucky packets and candies in candy box on YoVille at 2012?!

YoVille Online is no longer a functioning entity.