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Yoville Shutdown *Announcement*: Yoville will be closing on March 31st, 2014!!

Yoville will be closing on March 31st, 2014

Yoville Shutdown *Announcement* FWD form Coral Ninja and the Yoville team…READ MORE>>>

Why is YoVille shutting down FWD form Zynga Support team…READ MORE>>>

New Feature/YoVille Games Manual: Become a YoVille VIP Member!

Would you like to be part of the YoVille VIP Club? Now you can! All you need to do is sign up today.

Membership promises to pamper you and the packages look exciting! Just take a look at what you could possibly have access to!

Members of the YoVille VIP Club will have exclusive access to Furniture, Discounts on Items, Free YoCash every week – YES every single week and Free Hair of your choice once per Theme launch. If you thought that wasn’t enough then check this out – As part of introductory offer we are giving you a free Hair of your choice from the 2nd week’s release as a one time offer! Subsequently the package will allow you to avail of free Hair on the first Clothing & Hair release of each Theme!

Enjoy a host of amazing benefits as soon as you sign up for Membership. If you love to stand out from the crowd then this is perfect for you!

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New Feature/YoVille Games Manual: Introducing YoDecor – Room Ratings Feature on YoVille

A brand new feature that you all are sure to love! Introducing YoDecor – a way for you to show off your amazing decoration and talent on YoVille. Now you can post your favorite rooms to your walls, share with friends and get friends to rate / like your decor! Let me take you through how the feature is going to work.

NOTE: This feature is not yet available to 100% – this is the Beta version and we would like your feedback (which will be taken into consideration) to help make this feature more enjoyable for you all!

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New Feature/YoVille Games Manual: Introducing the Avenues Map View

As part of “Play Appreciation Week” we’re bringing you a brand new feature! Introducing the Avenues Map View Feature on YoVille. A quick and easy way to navigate through your Yo Town with a click of a button.


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Urgent: Taking Security Precautions on Facebook and YoVille

Marked as Urgent – Security Precautions on Facebook and in YoVille

With all the recent buzz of hacking and banning in YoVille over the past couple of days and weeks, we’ve decided to create an article providing our fans with useful safety tips to secure their facebook account and to stay safe from hackers. Though this won’t guarantee you won’t get hacked, it’s better than nothing!

New Feature/YoVille Games Manual: New mini game in YoVille – Introducing YoKart!

Brand new and exciting shopping experience on YoVille. We’ve never done something like this before and we hope you guys will try it out and make the best use of it!

It’s your chance to get MORE for LESS! To good to be true you say? Well, check it out and see for yourself!

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New Feature: “Open All” Button is Coming Soon

Are you tired of those innumerable clicks to open your Gift Boxes? Did you want a one click solution? With the “Open All” button, we now have just that! The “Open All” option is available to you from “Your Inventory”.

***Please note that this feature is being rolled out to users gradually and all of you will be able to enjoy it soon!

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New Released/YoVille Games Manual: Introducing Brand New Yo Avenues and Avenues Pack Items Available in YoVille now

Introducing Yo Avenues – a brand new arena for all you decorators on YoVille! Create your very own Yo Town by expanding your Yo Avenue and adding multiple Homes to it to create your own neighborhood. You can pick up the “First Avenue” from the Realtor Store or get it for $5,000 Coins + 3 friends Co-sign now!!

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PC: Get the fast and fantasy browser for YoVille

When YoVillians choose a browser, the speed features should be one of the first things, but could I get the fantasy or our own YoVille skins of browser too? Does anyone think I was greedy? What you think about it? Here are the fast and fantasy browser call “Maxthon” that’s thanks our fan Prince Troy who introduced us to use. Let it begin!!

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YoVille Games Manual: New mini game in YoVille – Introducing YoMag!!!

Introducing an all new Feature – YoMag! Show off you new looks, comment, like and rate yourselves on YoVille! It’s a Clothing Feature you won’t want to miss! Make sure to log in now and get started! Turn up the heat on YoVille!

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YoVille Online is no longer a functioning entity.