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About YoVille: What is YoVille – Introducing YoVille

What is YoVille?

YoVille is a social game application produced by Zynga. YoVille allows players to create personal avatars that live in homes they choose and decorate. YoVillians can chat, play mini-games, attend live events and leave messages or gifts for friends. When users are not online, their friends can visit their homes or join their crew to help them earn money on the job in the YoVille factory. After work, YoVillians can head into town to shop for new furniture, clothes, pets or additional homes! New collections and features are added weekly, so your YoVille never sleeps!


How do I get around the game?

To see a map of YoVille, click on the Globe icon in the lower left corner of the screen. The map diagrams all the businesses and activities offered in YoVille, such as Yo-Depot, the Realtor Office, the Night Club, and the Salon. Select any location you wish to visit and your avatar will be transported to its entrance.


How do I earn money in YoVille?

Your energy allows you to work at either the Widget Factory OR the Jobs Game once every 5 hours. With the Jobs Game you can use your energy to keep playing as it replenishes. You do not have to wait until it’s at 100%.

You will need 100% energy to be able to work at the Widget Factory. Your Energy automatically replenishes to 100% every 5 hours. If you choose to work at the Widget Factory you will be able to do so every 5 hours. This is a recent change from the 6 hour wait period that you used to have at the Widget Factory.

Some days you may want to mix and match these options. If you’re rushed in the morning and you just want to make sure you get some coins, head over to the Widget Factory and collect your standard pay. If you have a little time for fun, make sure you try out a new Job! On average the new Jobs will allow you to earn a lot more coins than the factory. You’ll also pick up rare items that are only available in jobs, and unlock new jobs as you complete them and level up. Higher level jobs earn higher amounts of coins.

For the Widget Factory, click on the Globe icon and locate the Yoville Factory on the map (in the upper left-hand corner). Click on the factory to be transported to work! You can work once every 5 hours. You earn more money by having a large crew, so make sure to add your friends.

For the Jobs Game click on the Briefcase icon at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see a pop up that shows your available Jobs.

You can also earn YoCoins by visiting your friends’ homes. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a bar that shows all the friends you’ve added as neighbors. Click on a neighbor to be taken to their YoVille house. There, you’ll have the option to do an action like dancing, kissing, fighting or leaving a message. Completing these actions will earn you YoCoins. You may also see pop-up messages that prompt you to go on friend visit missions to earn coins.

Finally, you can earn coins through playing mini-games within YoVille! Try the slots at the Casino, race your friends at the Speedway or fish at the beach. Or, play classics like tic-tac-toe and rock-paper-scissors with other players!


Can I buy YoCash/Coins?

You always have the ability to purchase YoCash or YoCoins within the game. Click on the “Buy More YoCash” tab at the top of the screen to view your options.


Where can I get a YoVille Game Card? How do they work?

YoVille Game Cards are now available in stores nationwide. To locate a store near you, visit Game Cards can be redeemed for YoCoins or YoCash to make purchases within the game. Cards must be activated at the register when sold and are automatically redeemed for the full balance upon entry of the card’s unique PIN number.


How do I decorate my room?

When you’re in a room, click on the Crate icon near the bottom of the screen. This will open up your inventory. You can then click on items in your inventory and drag them into the room, or click on the Furniture Store and shop directly from your room. You can place items in your room until you create a look you love, then click to buy everything at once. You can also shop for your home by clicking on the Globe icon and selecting “Furniture Store” or “YoDepot.”


How do I attend events and meet new people?

In YoVille, you can either host your own event for other players, or go to another player’s event. To find an event to attend, click on the Party Hat icon, located on the bottom left corner of the screen. Then, choose the category of event you are interested in. Once you’ve decided on an event, click on it and you will be taken to the home of the player that is hosting. After you arrive, go ahead and have fun! To host your own event, just click on the blue button that says “Start Event.” Type in a name and wait for other players to arrive.


How do I change the appearance of my avatar?

Click on the Eyeglasses icon on the bottom left side of the screen. The first tab will allow you to change your avatar’s hair, skin, makeup, eyes, and face shape. The second tab will allow you to change your avatar’s clothes, accessories, or shoes. This tab will only show those items that you have already purchased. To buy more items for your avatar, click on the Globe icon and then select either “Clothing Store” or “Salon.”


How do I find a link to my profile?


  1. Log into MySpace
  2. Underneath your profile photo, go to the menu labeled “View My:”
  3. Click the arrow pointing down and select “Profile”
  4. Once you are in profile view mode, look up to the top of your address bar and locate the URL that begins with, “…”
  5. Highlight the entire URL and either select Copy from your Edit menu on your browser or right click and select copy from the pop-up shortcut menu.
  6. Paste the entire URL into your email to Zynga Customer Support.



  1. Log into Facebook
  2. At the top of your Facebook account is a toolbar with the selections “Facebook”, “your name” and “Home”
  3. Click on selection “your name” (at the right)
  4. Once you are in profile view mode, look up to the top of your address bar and locate the URL that is similar to “” or begins with “….”
  5. Highlight the entire URL and either select Copy from your Edit menu on your browser or right click and select copy from the pop-up shortcut menu.
  6. Paste the entire URL into your email to Zynga Customer Support


If you have recently upgraded on Facebook to have a username please do the following to get a link to your profile:

  1. Log into your Facebook Account
  2. Click on Profile
  3. Click on your profile picture
  4. After you are taken to your pictures copy the URL
  5. Paste the entire URL into your email to Zynga Customer Support


How do I get Yopoints and Level Up?

You gain YoPoints by doing the following: Visiting friends and completing Friend Actions with them, buying items at the stores (only in game- not, gaining energy and winning games. Once you have accumulated enough Yopoints to level up, you will gain a reward. These rewards include new actions, dance moves, poses, new items and even new rooms! Keep your eyes out because some of the items that you get will upgrade themselves into something bigger and better as you level up! Also, be on the lookout for your new title, for every 5 levels you complete, you will receive a new title!


Someone is being abusive to me how do I report them?

Click on their Avatar and select Report. Then type in the reason for reporting.


How do I trade items?

Trading with another player is simple and easy. Many players host events to trade items or advertise through the chat channel. While exploring, you may encounter players who wish to trade with you. Trading can only be done in an apartment or home and not on the streets or in the stores.

Once you’ve found someone to trade with, click on their character to bring up the menu. Choose the trading option and it’ll bring up the secure trade screen.

Place the item(s) you’d like to trade in your respective boxes. Only one item per box may be included so there is a limit on how many items can be traded per transaction. There is an Add Coins category below the boxes where users may also exchange coins. There is no option to trade YoCash. Once the other player has added all their items and coins, take your mouse and browse over the items to make sure that they are indeed what they appear to be. Any trade that causes the red message to pop up saying that this trade looks like a scam should be avoided. We added that message to help protect you and warn you of possibly scams.

Make sure that you’ve checked all the items and see the amount of coins you’ve agreed to trade for before checking Accept.

After you’ve made the trade, the items will be added to your inventory. Some players may experience delays due to latency issues.


How do I change my name?

Log into Yoville and click Settings. Go the the Change your character section and change your name and click Save Changes. Unfortunately this feature is not available in Tagged.

YoVille Online is no longer a functioning entity.