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New Issue/Fun: YoVille Game MAINTENANCE!!

Howdy YoVillians,

We wanted to update you on YoVille’s status and let you know that we are actively working on the issues that caused us to take the game offline earlier today. Please know that fixing the game is our number one priority and we are currently working to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused all of you and we sincerely appreciate your patience as we work to fix YoVille.

Please stay tuned for updates – we will keep you posted on our progress as often as possible.

Thank you!

FWD from The YoVille Team


YoBIZ DESIGNS: Aug/Sept 2012 YDAC News Video

Hey YoVillians, our partnership the “YDAC News” is back, check out this news video created by Adi at YoBIZ Designs! Don’t forget to hit Like and Share to let your friend know!

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New Feature/Fun: April Fool Special – Add cool Roofs to your Homes and Avenues now

OMG!! YoVille new feature available! Add cool to your homes and Avenues! To decorate, tilt your screen backwards by 90 degrees and have fun! Get yourself a brand new from the Realtor store now!

Facebook Fun: Get FREE Facebook Layouts

PageRage’s Create Your Own Layout tool, allows you to create CUSTOM FACEBOOK LAYOUTS that reflect your true personality and style. Simply use the toolboxes below, and watch your creative ideas become reality!

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YoBIZ DESIGNS: February 2012 YDAC News Video

Check out this video created by Adi at YoBIZ Designs! It provides ideas, tips, and some fun news to all the die-hard YoVille players.

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Wallpapers Free Download: YoVille Wallpapers Available for Free Download

Check it out everybody, we’re offering our fans downloadable wallpapers for their desktop background for free! We’ll be adding newly created wallpapers here every week with pictures of design sneak peeks, items, and some YoVille Online-themed wallpapers as well for our awesome fans! To download a wallpaper, just click the wallpaper monitor display below of your choice (will be updated weekly with new choices), then when the full preview picture comes up, right click it and save (then set as wallpaper from your desktop properties), or on some computers, click “Set as Background Image.” And we’re very welcome for any size wallpapers request, leave your request in comment box that we will send it back to your facebook inbox. Bookmark this post so you could come back for a new selection of great YoVille & YoVille Online-themed wallpapers for free! We hope you enjoy these. Click the share button to let your friends know! :)



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Generators Fun: get YoVille Avatar Fun at online generators

Want to create your own YoVille avatar but don’t want to install any software in your pc? We think you have finally found the right place here, clicking on below links and following steps to get fun in online generations now!

And if you know some of online generators want to share with us that we do not have listed here, then by all means email it to me by filling the form below so we may get it indexed on our next update.


Generators Links:

Generators Fun: Fake Airline Ticket Generator

This is my air ticket for celebrate Chinese New Year from my country go to YoVille, but I became sad and began to cry when i have arrived there that they skipping all of the Chinese New Years stuff; I can’t get any lucky packets and candies in candy box on YoVille at 2012?!

FUN: Mistook the Statue for

I saw a YoVillian who talking with the Purple Romance Lady at outside of Alton Tower and said: I like your clothing style; so I hurry go to Clothing Store to look whats new released, I thought I have something missed, but I can’t find it, haha…it just a statue.

Shared by YoVillian miu

YoPics/Vids Sharing: Role Playing/Cosplay

YVO site is love to sharing what our fans have made with everyone, We are all connecting with one another and building relationships that are very valuable to us as YoVillians, please CONTACT US when you feel free and want to sharing us any information or fun photo about Role Playing!

YoVille Online is no longer a functioning entity.