Games Rewards

Raffle Tickets rewards:



Lucky Letters rewards:



Hide & Seek rewards:




 Dids rewards:



Room Contests Rewards:



Join Events / Parties rewards:



Complete 4 tasks to “Find The Collectible Plushie”.



Bring your “Missing Friends” back to YoVille to get rewards.



Play Treasure Isle and level up at least to 5+ levels rewards with an exclusive handheld Lotus Pond.


Blue Ribbon, Lotus Pond, Italian Animated Fireplace, Elk Plush, Shell Bath Tub, Animated Showgirls, Rainforest Animated Baby Elephant, Animated Orangutan, Space Alien In A Jar, Animated Fish Helmet, Underwater Octopus Drummer, NYC Miniature Brooklyn Bridge, Funky Celeb Chain, Excalibur, NYC Media Centre, Runway Sash, Einstein Plushie, Mafia Gold II Biscuit Pile, The Blue Carbuncle Display, Lava Lamp Hookah, Mafia II Secret Painting, Mafia II Animated Cop With Flashlight, Spellbound Broom, Spellbound Potion Table, Animated Crypt, Goblet of Fire, Graveyard Ghost, Spanish Mosaic Table, Spanish Dancers Group, Spanish Street Lamp, Spanish Tauro Twins, Disco Vending Machine, Nutcracker Gramophone, Animated Bowling Display, Nutcracker King Planting, Christmas 8th day Milk Maid, Partridge in a Pear Tree, Wild West Horse Carriage, Geek Animated Robot, City Of Love Magazine Stand, Carnival Easel, Palm Tree Mirror, Miami Beach Man, Yorient Express Lounge Beauties, Yorient Express Library, Airport Charging Kiosk, Male Lion, Animal Reserve Fine Carpet, Animal Reserve Abstract, Bath Robe, Pixies Borough Hanging Pod, Pixies Borough Hay Stool, Pixies Borough Patio Chair, YoSurvivor Games Tesla Lamp, Monaco Glass Table, Manaco Retro Boombox, Antique Clock, Medieval Fantasy Stacked,

YoVille Online is no longer a functioning entity.