Items Knowledge: Japanese Bamboo Fountain

Item Real Name: Japanese: 鹿威し, Japanese Pinyin:ししおどし Shishi odoshi (Engish: Deer Chaser)
YoVille Item Name: Japanese Bamboo Fountain
Store Price: $599 Coins
Released Date: 23 Mar 2011
Shishi odoshi literally means “deer scarer” in English,
Of a wide sense, it was first used by Japanese gardeners long ago to scare deer and wild animals away from their gardens and crops, such as kakashi (scarecrow), naruko (clappers) and sōzu (below). Sōzu itself is a narrow sense and under the international recognition, funny and fortuitously Sōzu is adding water at Chinese meaning.

Sōzu(添水, そうず, Sōzu) is a type of water fountain used in Japanese gardens. It consists of a segmented tube, usually of bamboo, pivoted to one side of its balance point. At rest, its heavier end is down and resting against a rock. A trickle of water into the upper end of the tube accumulates and eventually moves the tube’s centre of gravity past the pivot, causing the tube to rotate and dump out the water. The heavier end then falls back against the rock, making a sharp sound, and the cycle repeats. This noise is intended to startle any deer that may be grazing on the plants in the garden.

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Bamboo water fountains are perfect partners for Japanese Zen gardens creating a calm and peaceful, serene atmosphere for relaxation and contemplation. Not only does the soft sound of flowing water add to the restful environment, in some cases, visitors to the gardens or shrines are encouraged to wash their hands or even rinse their mouths from the water in the basins.

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