Suggestions: Summary for YoVille Suggestions

Time for Suggestion to YoVille! Is YoVille your Favorite game? If yes, let’s all cooperate to build up our dream city with YoVille Team immediately; You may comment on and rate any Feedback, Questions, Suggestions, including the game fun idea, or leave any of your Yo-ideas at comments box, we will put up all of YoVillians’ offer in below list to let YoVille Team easy to check out here and know more how are we care of our favorite ville!

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- Chinese Vampire costume(Halloween)
- Chinese Vampire hopping boots***i’ll hopping when i’m wearing them(Halloween)
- Black Impermanence costume(Halloween)
- White Impermanence costume(Halloween)
- Song Dynasty Ox-Head costume(Halloween)
- Song Dynasty Horse-Face costume(Halloween)



- hand held window mop
- hand held mop
- hand held mop bucket
- hand held broom(for cleaning my YoHome, not for halloween pls)
- hand held vacuum cleaner(the design idea whos let me holding the vacuum cleaner tube at both hand and the machine is following me)
- the raincoat or rain cape its looks with little wet
- rain boots
- grocery trolley with some food>>>



- Dyson fan(Animated)
- Jiffy steamer with steam coming out(Animated)
- iPad
- toilet ventilator
- the shower with the animated shower head and let me holding it(Animated)



- and why still doesn’t release the new pets?



- The new theme should be some attractions that people can ride on theme and maybe some other stuff like disneyland theme maybe stuff like that.



- create therain and typhoon mod at outside area of apartment



- Irish theme, house and village etc.

- Volcano theme, house…etc., it could match the Rainforest and Pixies Borough items

- hurry to fix the sending/recieving gifts issue



- create a bumper car city lets play bumper car at YoMap

- bring back some of the old themes even if just for a weekend. Like the enchanted theme. You would make money, we would be happy and maybe the prices in the auctions would go down to where they should be.



- nightgown, pajamas with yo pattern, apron with yo logo



- create the Zynga VIP card lets get benefits IN ANYONE ZYNGA GAME(lets VIP members could transfer the CASH to any Zygna game…including any game cards discount…etc; and also could reference to’s system, they lets members get back their REAL MONEY form the CASH POINTS, just pay them little service charge is ok) thats better than get benefits at YoVille VIP Club package



- create a button link to Car Store and Realtor Office inside where the co-sign request pop up info

- why only have day time at YoVille? where our night time



- grange theme
- house with large pond, field and farm
- create a greenhouse is let’s go inside and attach to our yard too
- get/share the decorative farm produce at facebook feed
- decorative animated sprinkler…waterwheel
- handheld (animated)watering pot
- rideable cow
- bring back the $10 coins costumes make YoVillians get supprise



- create the “Preview Button” tool at all animated items



- hope will release a large decorative Lotus Rug in the brand new Pixies Borough theme



- release a $200/$300 YoCoins hiring ticket at recently freebies homepage, break it at inventory to get coins(just like other chests), also put it into the Special Delivery Box to replace the silver and all of colour chests and keys, so we could use the “Open All Button” to break them but no need keys, that will reduce our work load and YoVille team also no need waste time to create the “Open All chests and keys Button”



- design a Peach Blossom Land theme

- Home with Waterfall and River, give a refreshing and quiet Yo-summer

- fairy/ warrior costumes contest

- Lotus Blooming River/Pool, lets swimming and move around

- rain/ peach petal falling on YoVille

- ribbon/ fan dancing, wushu, sword-play, acrobatics, etc. 2 Player Action

- Palanquin who’s lifted and carried by people in front and back holding a bar on shoulders, Flying Leaf Umbrella, Fishes and Lotus Leaf Rideable

- underwater on sale discount



- different language on yoville

- design and release another one similar Yo-Visor cap look like the San Francisco Sun Visor Cap please, because its only released and left few days only but all of the sellers to jack it in highest prize now, YoVille event items is expensive than futures market now, wish YoVille design team always design the new items looks similar than the old items but pretty than them, thats the only way to prohibit they jack up their unreasonable price



- Change the Gift Box Items.. I really hate the cow wall coverings and I have a ton of lava lamps and speakers. and those vases…No one likes them so why not give us things we will like? And have gettting YC a possibilty when opening chests

- released the new or many different games in Casino, bring us a real Las Vegas at YoVille

- Bring back some old categories for a few days like 50′s or something like that. Make some YC Items worth coins for like a week or something.

- Make an iphone/Android app for the game where we can connect to our yoville on facebook and still keep all of our stuff.

- bring back the facebook feed item to us



- allow us to move the door around so we can create our own room

- change out the free gifts, tired of getting club & Valentine gifts



- will Mary Queen2 Home release at Yo? or put it at Yo-Map and make some entertainment and shopping hall lets YoVillians get shopping and gathering there

- i play Yo begin at 2008, and i always thinking the Yo-Bank is petty squander, why don’t renew it look like JP Morgan or HSBC, even the Stock Exchange



- YoVille SWAG (YoVillian style figure, like the Japan anime figure, YoVillian plushies, …)

- prize to celebrate the YoVillians join day at anniversary

- rewards for the game card big spender (collect their totally game card code/payment/etc… at a period or…)

- give free YoCash to any YoVillian who sent YoVille any useful suggestions (sure for released items/features…idea)


- full screen and lets move the floor plan, look like the cafe world game.



- I think that we should be able to gift more than 1 gift , because I send some stuff to my friends and it said only 1 gift per day. And I send one to this girl and she never got it. So I guess it was lost. And you should make the chat bar bigger. and you should include a box where you can put your friend’s name in it and chat with her in private even though she’s in another place. Not that u have to click their name and click private message, and if they go to another place they wont get the message. So make a bar where you can put your friends or anyone’s name in it and then u can chat with them whereever they are. So 1 box for putting someones name in it and another box where you can type your message and all



- perhaps they can change the daily gift out of our own inventory in our own games, the limit to 10, and check for glitches? I often drop off entire sets of things to people. Sent a car to a friend and it never went through, I guess it is now lost. Gifting is part of the “game play” after all.



- almost MAY, i need a Musée du Louvre to placing my freebies paintings and sculptures to create my Yo-Museum Night



- always see YoVillians make the beauty pageant event at YoVille, but why we’ve never seen any girl wear the beauty pageant cape and sash?



- we got our parents and kids in Yo now, but i missing my grandpa and grandma really, will they go Yo with me?



- waiting for a co-sign Fire Engine with animated ladder and animated fire hose



- give bonus/rewards to compensate where there YoVillians suffer the loss in YoVille hotdogs glithes

- give warning before anything goes, ex: sale, co-sign…



- release the Morden City Theme with some railway roof, foot-bridge, bus station roof, and railway avenue with underground railway lobby, lets make our real city in Yo

- “open all” button not work for chests and keys?



- showing our House “OWN” Name/Information when I hold my mouse over at the Yo-Avenues entrances

- cannot showing all of the Yo-Avenues in same srceen after I connect other Yo-Avenues?



- give all YoVillians a copper House door sign, lets type any words and numbers there, like the Home Name Information, and lets put it on anywhere

- don’t showing our number of Coins and YoCash in the neighbors information page



- never see the real mirror at Yo? I want to look at my avator in Yo mirror after I changed clothes or before I go to cr

- if I clicking on telelphone decorative, there’ll pop up my buddies list and let me leave message to my buddies that’s really fun



- why I can’t move the frame at my aptment hall and will YoVille lets change the frame pic there?

- could I move my door and change the entrance?

- I hope pay coins or level up to add a new wing for my house, its better than I buy the new one



- YoVille have released the Bouncy at 2010, but still don’t see the balls pool in YoVille? add a silde also plz, make them in modular and animated, when they combined together the YoVillians drop slide into there, the balls were bouncing out(if only silde or balls pool, it will not work), so the players need to buying set of, this’s a good idea for YoCash sale



-  I want YoVille have a shopping hall there really to let us to buy and sell pls

-  build a cross-over bridge for cars, let’s to drive and crossing there

-  create a high ladder let’s ups there and have the amazing sky level to gathering and decor there

-  YoVille gave us the underwater theme, but never let YoVillians have any underwater and fish world feeling there, no fish swimming, no water voice, no seaweed floating…



-  let delete, sending or trading my houses pls

-  will we have a closet to hanging our ton of costumes, shoes, handheld, and our lovely purse? If we will have a cloakroom that truly amazing to every YoVillian

YoVille Online is no longer a functioning entity.