Limited/Coming Soon: YoVille’s 4th Anniversary – DETAILS AND INFO!

YoVille is turning 4 tomorrow (May 8), and they’re celebrating by releasing some awesome new items, flash sales, and some surprises we’ll have to wait to find out! Lots of things are coming up, so we’ll break it down for you:

Lasts May 8 to May 11

  • New Theme, Home, and Furniture
  • Decorations, Collectibles, Rideables
  • 30% Flash Sales (YoCash, YoCoins, and gift cards)
  • Clothing, Hair, Accessories, and Tribute Clothing
  • Clothing Mystery Boxes
  • An all new mystery box with a ‘yocash’ surprise

Get ready everyone, because this one… is going to be huge! We’ll post another article when the items are out, and we’ll definitely be giving away a few of them! So, keep your eyes peeled! Wink *wink wink*

YoVille Online is no longer a functioning entity.